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kycatholic's Journal

16 August 1981
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My name is Mike. I'm a Catholic from Kentucky, who moved here in 1999 from Belleville, Illinois, a suburb about 15 miles east of St. Louis. I converted to Catholicism in 1997, having previously attended Calvary Baptist Church (a church I retain a very deep respect for and gratitude to).

I love baseball (especially the St. Louis Cardinals), and I also read a lot. Besides the Bible, I also read many Christian writers. First and foremost is G.K. Chesterton, whom you can learn some interesting facts about here. Others include Mark Shea, Fulton Sheen, C.S. Lewis, John Henry Cardinal Newman, Thomas Howard. Similarly, another author I like to read is Mike Flynn, who, even though he has written books, i.e, science fiction books such as Eifelheim, that the only book of his I have read, it is his blog posts and comments on other subjects that I especially read.

I'm not especially good at posting, but I do hope to use this LJ to post from time to time, as well as (of course) keep up with friends.

God bless!

-"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God" (John 1:1)